What is Car Wrap and is it right for you?

ENTERING THE WRAP GAME So, why wrap a car? Typically, the goal is to change its appearance. That said, you should exercise caution here. Unless the current paint is in to

Tips for Keeping Your New Wrap Clean!

So, you just got your vehicle wrapped and are worried about that smudge, dirt, or blemishes. Don’t worry as I have all the tips and tricks you will need to keep you

Protecting Your Wrap

  Tips to keep your car wrap from fading At Sigma Wraps, we get questions every day from clients about how long a vehicle wrap will last and what clients could do to ext

Commercial Vehicle Wraps Rockwall TX

What wrap is best for you?

Once you have decided that wrapping your vehicle or fleet is the next step in your business plan, the task of deciding exactly what that will look like is your next ste

Fleet Wrapping Tips

Wrapping your fleet is a great way to advertise your business, attract new customers, and increase brand awareness. These mobile billboards place your business directly

Tips on caring for your vehicle wrap

Wrapping your business’ fleet is a great way to advertise your products/services and build brand awareness. However, installing a vehicle wrap is only the first ste