The custom Car Wrap Process – SigmaGrafix Style!

Understanding the custom car wrapping process allows for you to understand how your vehicle wrap will be brought to life, from the initial concept to the finished product. At SigmaGrafix, we believe in maintaining transparency with our valued customers. That’s why we ensure our customers are engaged in every phase of our vehicle wrap services.

The three critical steps in our custom car wrapping process are:

We understand the power of mobile advertising, and our mission is to help businesses stand out on the road. Our expertise lies in crafting eye-catching wraps for both small and large businesses, turning ordinary vehicles into moving billboards that captivate audiences. Whether you’re a local mom-and-pop shop or a corporate giant, our in-house team handles every aspect of the process – from design to printing to installation.

Custom Vehicle Wrap Design

The journey begins with the design phase. Our dedicated team of in-house graphic artists will collaborate with you to discuss your initial design ideas for the custom vehicle wrap. By comprehending your vision, objectives, and requirements, our graphic artists can transform your ideas into a striking reality. We prioritize your involvement throughout the process, providing you with access and the final say on all aspects, including final proofs and mockups. We also make sure to work alongside pre-existent ideas or concepts by customers. We help make your design work the best on YOUR vehicle. 

Vinyl Wrap Materials and Printing

Once your vinyl wrap designs receive your complete approval, our proficient team proceeds to the printing phase of our custom car wrapping process. To deliver the finest wrap for your vehicle, we exclusively employ cutting-edge printing technology and utilize top-quality 3M vinyl materials. Our wraps are printed using state-of-the-art ink to ensure the highest color resolution. Furthermore, we add an extra UV protection layer to safeguard the vinyl from sun exposure. This, however, does not mean you should let your vehicle rot in the sun for years… The wrap still isn’t bulletproof, take care of it, shade your vehicle when you can and your wrap will last and look great for years to come. 

Custom Car Wrap Installation

With the custom car wrap printed and laminated, our team of highly trained and experienced installation professionals meticulously applies the wrap to your vehicle. Each team member possesses a minimum of a decade’s worth of experience, ensuring a flawless and seamless final product. By working constantly, craftsmanship becomes more apparent in work. Other shops will leave you out to dry but our warranty covers any wrap mishaps on our end, we give you our word, and our skills to provide the highest quality wrap process in the industry.

To learn more about our wrapping process or to learn more and explore our range of vehicle wrap services, please contact us at or  (469) 887-  4462. We look forward to helping make your vehicle’s life span longer, interesting, and eye-catching. Call us today with any questions you may have!