SigmaGrafix - A Cost-Effective Solution for Your Wrapping Needs

Professional Design, Certified Mechanics, and Quality Materials for High-Quality Wraps

SigmaGrafix is a trusted partner for small and large businesses seeking high-quality design and wrap services at a reasonable price. They specialize in wrapping cars, trucks, boats, and walls, and have multiple locations across North and Central Texas.

SigmaGrafix has a team of designers who start with understanding the customer’s goals and offer various options to help make investment and design decisions. Their lead designer, Michael Oliveros, has experience designing wraps and color changes for hundreds of different vehicles and building wall coverings and logos.

After the customer chooses a design, SigmaGrafix’s team of BMW Certified Mechanics leads the vehicle prep process, including accessory removal. Their mechanics have the expertise to remove mirrors, bumpers, molding, and other parts professionally.

SigmaGrafix only uses high-quality materials from top brands like Avery and 3M. They print wrap graphics on-site using HP and EPSON branded ink for installation that ensures color accuracy and durability. Additionally, their lamination process takes place on-site for proper conformability.

SigmaGrafix’s installation team works closely with the design team to ensure every element of the wrap is placed precisely, and every fold, crease, cut, tape, mold, and corner is handled to the highest quality level. They monitor each element and question quality decisions to create the best possible wrap.

SigmaGrafix’s management team, along with the customer, conducts a full walk-around to ensure the quality meets the expectation set during the quoting process. They even invite customers to drop by their facilities during the wrap process to ask questions and confirm their dream wrap is being completed as expected. They also provide pictures and videos of the wrap process if requested.