Vinyl Car Graphics: Templates Vs Bespoke Design

When it comes to choosing car graphics, you have two options. They include a template design or a custom car wrap. Although there is no right or wrong option, this post will help you decide which one to get.

Benefits of Custom Vehicle Graphics

Custom vehicle graphics require you to seek a professional service provider who will install a top-quality car wrap that boasts a unique personality. Even though templates may be suitable for different projects, an expert detailing team that designs a bespoke car wraps offers the following benefits.

  • Creative design is truly worth it as you can rest assured that a tailored car wrap will never be confused with any other vehicle. 
  • A great thing about an individual car wrap design is that it considers the entirety of the vehicle including the shape, bodywork, and the aesthetic appeal that you want to achieve. Thus, a professional car design service will provide the perfect finishing. 
  • In addition to the above, a custom design is the right option if you want a promotional or standout car wrap that does not go unnoticed. A custom wrap is normally used for marketing and advertising. It offers a higher return in comparison to a template. 

How Does A Car Wrap Template Work?

Creative freedom is always better as it opens up a world full of possibilities. However, there are certain situations where a conventional template can be installed. A template is a standardized wrap for different vehicle sizes, shapes, and brands. Thus, you will find it to be a more straightforward option. 

Cons of Car Wrap Templates

To help ensure that you have an idea about which type of car graphics to get, you should keep the following downsides of car wrap templates in mind. 

  • Illegible Fonts: One of the drawbacks of a template is that it features illegible fonts. This means that it is not the right option if you want a car wrap design that features text, contact details, or a company logo.  
  • Low Contrast Colors: The fact that you want to spend on car graphics means that you want a finishing that offers top-quality style and high drama rather than something that appears watered down. 
  • A Busy That Is Too Busy: Most of us love a car wrap that is different. Hence, a template is not always the best option.
  • The Wrap Is Not of the Right Quality: If you opt for a template, you will get a car wrap that uses lower standard material. 

Templates may be advisable in case you require a wrap for an extensive fleet or have just one set of decals and want to ensure uniformity. Moreover, anyone on a tight budget will need to stick to a template. Similarly, if you do not care about individualizing elements when wrapping a car, you can also opt for a template.

After you have finished reading out post, you will know the differences between bespoke car graphics and templates. Regardless of which type of car graphics you opt for, you should hire a professional to get the job done right.