Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Preparation

The preparation that goes into wrapping your vehicle is key to a success wrap. Evaluation of your vehicle starts before a single graphic is printed. Condition of the body, presence of old graphics and amount of wrap coverage can greatly affect installation costs.

What’s the Condition of The Body?

The overall condition of the body can directly affect the final product. Scratches, dents and dings are only enhanced visually by a vinyl wrap. Parts of the vehicle that have rust present or failing paint jobs are prone to failure if the part is not properly prepared. If this means you may have to visit a body shop, then do so. The presence of old graphics will affect the preparation as the time it takes to remove old graphics varies on the age of the graphic and its location. 

Can You Wrap That?

Is the part of the vehicle you want wrap capable of accepting a vinyl wrap to begin with? Some features and the materials they are made of on vehicles are not good candidates for wrapping. For example, A Dodge 5500 will have some features such as bumpers and fender that are polycarbonate (bad for wrapping) and/or metal (good for wrapping) depending on if it is a Laramie, SLT or Tradesman. 

What Wrap is Appropriate for Me?

Is the wrap design you want appropriate for the effect you are looking for? You can get a very different look to your vehicle depending on if is a full wrap, partial wrap or a graphics pack. It is best to have a wrap that is fits your budget and has the highest visual impact.    Remember, your wrap is a significant investment. Make sure you protect it!