What is a Car Wrap and is it right for you?


So, why wrap a car? Typically, the goal is to change its appearance. That said, you should exercise caution here. Unless the current paint is in top condition, a wrap will usually not disguise the problem. In some cases, it will only amplify the flaws you want to be covered, and it might also make the problem worse once the wrap is pulled off.


Vinyl car wrap must have a solid surface to adhere to; otherwise, it will not stick. If even a small section of your vehicle has peeling paint, wrapping it will not work. The best approach here is to have your car professionally painted before you proceed with wrapping.

A scratch, chip, or any other defect you want to hide will only be magnified once the wrap is in place. Worse, once you remove the vinyl, the paint in the surrounding area may flake off. Go ahead and fix these flaws before you move forward.

Another point to remember is that even the smallest rust area on a car is a problem that no vinyl wrap can, or should, conceal. First, the wrap will trap moisture that’s already present in the wrap. Thus, the rust will only spread. Second, the wrap requires paint — not rust — to properly stick to a car’s surface.

Perhaps you already had your car repainted. The trouble is, it wasn’t done properly. For instance, if previous stains were not correctly masked by a primer, they will bleed through the coat. Other signs of a poor paint job include sags, drips, and dried streaks. Paint splatter and dripping are problems that no vinyl car wrap will conceal.

Once you resolve these challenges, you’re ready to wrap your vehicle.


We’ve looked at the challenges of using vinyl wrap, but there are some benefits too.

For instance, vinyl wrap protects the original paint. Wherever vinyl wrap is applied to a car’s surface, the paint underneath is safely covered. This may be especially important if you have expensive metallic paint on the vehicle or if you have a classic car and want to enhance its value and appearance.

Also, vinyl wrap is easy to clean, although cleaning your car by hand is recommended. A power wash or car wash may be too tough on the wrap, which means hand-washing is best. If you find small holes or tears, you can return to the place that installed the wrap for repairs.


A vinyl car wrap can enhance your car’s appearance for a lower cost than a fresh paint job. You can leave it on for as long as you like, swap it out for a new wrap, or return it to your car’s previous color by removing it. Ensure your car’s exterior is in excellent condition before trying one out.