Trailer Wraps – Amazing ROI!

Imagine being able to set up a billboard in a neighborhood your firm is working. Better yet, think about placing that billboard in front of the yard you just took from a

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Preparation The preparation that goes into wrapping your vehicle is key to a success wrap. Evaluation of your vehicle starts before a single graphic is print

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Can You Wrap Vintage or Classic Cars?

Even though vinyl wraps are a popular among modern vehicles, there are a few owners that want to get a vinyl wrap for their classic or vintage vehicles. The following con

Vinyl Car Graphics: Templates Vs Bespoke Design

When it comes to choosing car graphics, you have two options. They include a template design or a custom car wrap. Although there is no right or wrong option, this post w

Is wrapping a leased vehicle worth it?

Important Considerations When Wrapping a Leased Vehicle Vehicle wraps allow you to personalize a vehicle and transform it into a mobile business billboard. There are a fe

Can a wrap hide vehicle imperfections?

Will a Wrap Hide any Dings or Dents? A common question at Sigma Wraps in regards to vehicle wraps is around how well it can hide dents, dings, and other existing imperfec